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World View
Nowadays there are more than 7 billion people on the surface of our planet. Every region of the world had incubated numerous civilizations and societies. Due to the different origins of the individuals themselves, the societies’ effects on them and many other factors which might affect shaping one’s mind. It is quite impossible to find two of them who would totally agree on the same issue. People have the ability to analyze and think, but in a contrastive way which would probably lead to a variety in the point of views, beliefs and values. The aim of this essay is to manage to explain my way of understanding the world view and what might influence it.
World view is the primary cognitive approach of a person or the entire society, including the total of
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Taking the similarities in the three monotheistic religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism opens a way for us to understand that there is only one god, considering that religious were descended from the heaven above before hundreds of years, results in believing them.
The world which we live in is basically being controlled by certain persons, who open the door slightly for us to know about few things, and shut the other doors preventing us from acquiring knowledge. They limit our creativity; whoever tries to move forward and achieve higher goals is going to be stopped. They succeeded in preventing us from seeing the truth behind our daily life. Even without realizing it, we are being controlled and have taken a part in their system.
One of the ways to break out free from these sieges, is to ask for the unlimited through creating a new system, which will rebel against the old one. We should have different ideas and interests. However, we need to accept the change, we don’t need for our ideas to be accepted, because they are our own thoughts, they are what make us

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