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This is only available in Microsoft Excel 2010. It is a modification of the WORKDAY date function in Microsoft Excel 2007. While the WORKDAY function is useful in cases where the weekend days are predetermined, WORKDAY.INTL is useful in cases where the weekend days are neither Saturday nor Sunday. It is also useful in a location where they are single weekend days.
WORKDAY.INTL is useful in finding the date that a project is ending or starting given the duration the project will take (Microsoft, 2012). This function automatically omits the days regarded as weekend days and the statutory holidays. Unlike the WORKDAY function, it allows the user to spell out which days are weekdays and which days are weekend. In fact, the user is at liberty to do away with all the weekends. It does not automatically set two days as weekend days without the user’s consent.
A user can employ WORKDAY.INTL in calculating several applications. These include calculating the due date of an invoice; the probable delivery dates for materials or goods; the date a project is ending if the starting date and number of workdays of the same project is specified; and the date a project is starting given the end date of the same project and the number of workdays (Microsoft, 2012).
Syntax and Argument
Syntax is the layout of a function. It comprises of the name of the function, bracket, and its arguments. The syntax of WORKDAY.INTL is as below:
WORKDAY.INTL (Start_date, Days, Weekend, Holidays)
It is important to that the user should use a date function to enter the start date. A problem arises if the user enters the date as text.
The syntax above contains four arguments namely: Start_date, Weekend, Days, and Holidays. The Start_date argument represents the date the project is supposed to start.…...