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Exchange 2010 Server Roles

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Exchange 2010 Server Roles

Author’s Note This research is being submitted on August 11th 2013, for N234/CET2810C Section 01 Microsoft Exchange Server course.

Exchange 2010 Server Roles When dealing with Exchange Server there are roles to be configured. Some roles are configured differently do if your implementing it in a small or large business setting. You have two different server roles one being the mailbox server role and the other being the client access server role. Each role is in charge of different task the mailbox server role is in charge of Clients access protocols, transport service, mailbox database, unified messaging and handles all activities for any active mailbox on the server (TechNet, 2013). With the client access role it handles authentication, redirection, proxy services (HTTP, POP, IMAP, and SMTP), and stores all diagnostic logs (TechNet, 2013). Each of these roles and services serves a unique purpose in setting up your exchange environment.
The mailbox server role is the most common role used in Exchange Server and some could say that it is the core of an exchange organization when the mailbox server role is installed on to a server they become what is called a mailbox server. Mailbox servers interact directly with active directory, client access servers and Microsoft outlook clients. When setting up a mailbox server it is smart to consider a few things like requirements. First we have mailbox capacity the average mailbox receives 37mbs of mail per a five day work week with a message size of 75kbs (TechNet, 2011), so in a small or large business you have to take mailbox capacity in to consideration also it would be smart to enable single item recovery, with single item recovery it enables you to set a retention window on deleted items in the mailbox, the average retention time is 14 days. There is a calculation that is used to help you determine this. Mailbox Size = Mailbox Limit + Whitespace + Dumpster, Whitespace = 100 messages per day x 75/1024MB = 7.32MB, Dumpster = (100 messages per day X 75/1024 MB * 14days) + (2048 MB X 0.012) + (2048 X 0.03) = 188.6 MB. These conditions are determined on a 2GB Mailbox Size (TechNet, 2011).
Another requirement to consider in a mailbox server is the database requirement. If this requirement isn’t met you will run into outages due to space allocation. Say there are a hundred messages received in a day that would generate around twenty transaction logs per day so if you had 24,000 mailboxes in your environment you could see up to 576,000 transaction logs per day (TechNet, 2012). So whether you’re setting up a mailbox server for a small or big company it’s very important to take these things into factor and adjust accordingly.
With the Client Access Server Role it connects with the server through software such as Microsoft Outlook Express and the Microsoft Outlook from office. It handles all pop3 and Imap connections. It also enables you to use mobile devices on the exchange server by using ActiveSync pop3 and Imap. Without client server access roles installed in every exchange organization and in every active directory domain that has the mailbox server role installed this would not be possible (Al-Beruni, 2010). Things to have in place before you can go forward with CAS is HTTPS web access, web certs and computer certs must be installed in the CAS server. In order to configure outlook anywhere you must have an SSL cert from a third party vendor such as verisign or godaddy (Al-Beruni, 2010).
When setting up an Exchange Server environment CAS and the Mailbox Server Roles are the most important roles used. There are a lot of things you have to consider and prepare for before you begin with and during the installation.

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