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Exemplification of Sustainable Development Essay

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Exemplification of Sustainable Development

Patricia Mejias

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August 3, 2013

Exemplification of Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a strategy used to promote a sustained quality of existence (Dalal-Clayton & Bass, 2002). The sustained quality of existence can be applied to the general population of a community, to a government, or even to a commercial operation. The goal of this strategy is to ensure that the materials that are needed for survival and for the specified quality of existence will be available for the long-run. This requires extensive planning, strategizing and problem solving. An exemplification of sustainable development is advantageous, therefore, to understand how quality of existence is sustained by this practice. The first example of the application of sustainable development involves the general population. Sustainable development in this case refers to the strategies that are utilized to manage resource acquisitions, utilization and disposal. The quantity of resources consumed by a family, the type of resources consumed by a family and how they dispose of unused and waste products all impact how sustainable the family’s behaviors are. For example, sustainable family behavior includes buying locally produced foods, installing solar energy panels to provide for their energy needs, buying clothing and other items from thrift stores and recycling used materials (Dala-Clayton & Bass, 2002; Roome & Bergin, 2006). Non-sustainable family behaviors, however, include buying large quantities of electronic devices and throwing them away when new models come onto the market; buying products that are shipped thousands of miles to the local market; and throwing away items that can be recycled. The second example of the application of sustainable development involves...

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