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Exercise 10-2: OJT Start off the training the first day would start with some classroom training so that we can start with information about the company, what their new job will be like and go over the safety rules so that we can make sure everyone is in a safe environment. I feel that it is very important that an employee knows what they is sell and who they are working for because one of the greatest selling tool you will have is a love for what you are selling and the belief that your company is the best. I can tell you a love for what you are doing will help you do it every day and if you believe in what you are selling you can make others belief it and then they will by it and on the smallest level just having the confidence can make you stand out verses others. This first part of the training will be the orientation. After going over the products a little, the company, and safety rules we will start to get the trainees ready to learn and the first thing will be to get them their uniform and get changed. After they have changed I feel it is important to talk to the trainee get to know them and each other, find out what they do, things that they like and things that they do not like and try to add things in about how that relates to their new job and why it is important; this can help get the new trainees interested and ready to learn which is important because you cannot force anyone to learn they must be ready and willing to. This should take the first part of day one. Now of the second half of the day we will do some more classroom training and some programmed instruction in which we will break down the different part of the job and going over each. So the first thing to go over is the customer because this is the start and end of their job, when a customer walks into the store they are all the sales people need to focus on. So we need to start by greeting…...

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