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1. Select one anaerobic and one aerobic adaptation and discuss their significance in terms of what your client will feel or experience.

An Acute response to Aerobic Endurance Training: Metabolic Response: Increase in Oxygen Consumption.

Endurance sports rely primarily on oxidative (aerobic) metabolism for energy supply. When the exerciser or the athlete accelerates to attain their respected pace, the energy turnover in the contracting muscles and the rate at which ATP is broken down to produce energy and continually re-synthesized, increases rapidly.
The Oxygen deficit felt is a representation of the difference between the amount of energy that is required to perform exercise at the desired intensity for a certain period of time and the amount of energy that is supplied through oxidative metabolism in this same period.
An Acute Response to Anaerobic Endurance Training: Muscle Failure Anaerobic glycolysis takes over; when stored ATP is broken down into ADP + P. the rising ADP level stimulates creatine kinase to begin the breakdown of phospho creatine. Oxygen is not available at a fast enough rate to allow aerobic metabolism to take over, lactate threshold is then reached.

2. Include how you could monitor a client's progress with respect to that adaptation
Using a heart rate monitor after performing and exercise test to plot and record heart rate ranges for both aerobic and anaerobic activity it could be a sub maximal testing or VO2 max testing. If testing were not an option RPE –Rate of Perceived Exertion could be used; Heart rate zone charts or the talk test could also help regulate how hard a client feels she or he is working and the intensity level concerning oxygen intake.
3. How can you apply your knowledge...

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