Expected U.S. Gdp Growth Rate Going Forward

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29 July 2012
Expected U.S. GDP growth rate going forward
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a major factor that shows how the economy will either get better or worse. The GDP is how we can measure the spending and production of the U.S. The GDP is a total measurement usually calculated quarterly (Russell, 2012). These calculations show change to the economy even if products and services increased or decreased, According to Russell, (2012) regardless of changes in the purchasing power of the currency. There are many things that affect our economy such as international debt, increase in taxes, the effect to interest rates, the rise in unemployment, the poor failing real estate market, lack of investing, lack of spending by consumers, which is directly affected because of lack of employment. Some believe that the economy will eventually recover. This may be a slow process, however. Those in the business world believe this will most likely put inflation at a standstill. (TBQ, 2012).
It is predicted that the GDP will continue to go up and down for years to come as the US tries to recover from the economic slump that it has found itself in unless congress and the president can pull us out. There are three different methods of determining GDP. The first one is estimating each industry’s gross output or production (Wells and Krugman, 2009). Second would be to measure income (Wells et al). Third would be expenditures, showing different types of

spending throughout the economy (Wells et al). The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) says that in third quarter 2011, the GDP was at 2.5%, meaning it was up from 0.8% in first two quarters of 2011 (Kiplinger, 2012).
Components that make up the GDP are things like, investments such as business investments; consumer investments (spending) consumer consumption the…...