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My Names are _____ _____. I believe in something bigger than life on earth and that’s the almighty God. I practice the Catholic religion. I was born in Cameroon-Africa. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years in a small city in Cameroon called Kumba. I was lucky to be born in a home where education was a priority. I attended elementary and high school in kumba. I later moved to Sweden where I read marketing and international Law at Linnaeus University. I moved to the United States in the year 2010 for a pursuit of my passion, greater opportunities and a better life for myself. I am presently a Nursing Pending student at Valencia College; looking forward to becoming the most passionate and best life saving Nurse I certainly can. My life history has been a mix of happiness, pain, surprises and pursuit. Many things have contributed to the mindset I crave. I was born in a country where opportunities are meant for the wealthy and politically powerful families. I come from a less privilege family. I was raised in a troubled neighborhood where success was hardly a reality. Gunshots in the middle of the night from robbers, rape, illiteracy, crime, drugs, and prostitution were amongst the issues I grew within on a daily basis. I had bad and good friends. My parents had instilled in me a strong education mind set, so I knew education was going to be the key to my success. I did not mind walking for about 3miles to school everyday because I knew education was the only way out. Sometimes life hits us in unfair ways. I can’t forget the depressed time of my life that later became the uplifting factor. It was around 10years ago, when I had just finished high school and my parent had no money to send me to the university that I witnessed the real challenged of deciding one’s life. I became worried everyday I woke up with the reality that I was not going to return to school anytime soon. Desperation built in me, and I began looking for ways to make it. I started walking the streets with the bad boys learning ways to make some money to further my education into the university. It did not work out. I received an awakening call when I learned that four of the guys I walked the street with had been arrested for raping and stabbing a young girl who was only 12years old. Thank God she survived; I had to stop. I told myself I was better than that. My life was fast going down the drain and there was barely anything I could do in my power to help the situation. I also felt my mom become more troubled about my life and she prayed on my behalf everyday. Growing up, I felt my mom had extra love for me than my siblings, but I could never guess the reason was because I had been a product of an extra marital affair my mom had years back. I remember, one day, while sitting in my room wondering how to go about life; I hear a knock on my door. My mom walks in and asks me, ‘‘can we talk’’? I responded, ‘‘sure mom, what’s going on’’. We had a short prayer after which she preceded. She was brief when she broke the news to me. ‘‘Your daddy is not your real dad; your real dad is… ’’. For some reason I taught she had told me before based on how it sounded in my ears. I asked her who my dad was, disgustingly my dad turned out to be my uncle who had moved to the United States when I was just 3years old. Surprisingly what my mom had just told me did not anger me, neither did I overreact. I never forget the reaction on her face when I replied; ‘‘that’s OK mom, thank you’’. I guess she never knew why I said thank you. But I told my mom thank you for not aborting me even though I know she might have taught about it but chose to keep me. That day is reason why I am here today. The rocky part of my life has been the best educational experience I have had. After my mom left my room, I felt a sense of urgency awaken me to pursuit something better. I began looking for admissions in foreign universities where tuition was free. I was lucky to be accepted by Jonkoping University- Sweden. I never forget the feeling when I saw that acceptance letter. I knew this was Gods doings. I processed my documents and moved to Sweden. Studied and work hard until God decided to bless me again 2years later with a Green card lottery selection. I moved to the U.S for a better life and an opportunity to meet my biological dad whom I have no memories about. Education is the only reason I have this opportunity to make any life I decide for myself. If I were not educated, Jonkoping University would’ve never given me the opportunity so study. I can’t tell how my life could have turned out to be without this opportunity; but I can presume, it wouldn’t have turned out any better. I did not choose to be a Nurse, I know God put me in this position for a reason. Nursing goes beyond just a job. Having the opportunity to live my life on earth as a lifesaver is the greatest gift I can ever receive. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.” (Mary Engelbreit). Based on the life I have witnessed, I cherish every opportunity God has granted me to do well on earth. What I learned from my good and bad friends is a lesson that has helped frame the mindset I have today. I learned the two sides of life at a young age and can clearly distinguish well from bad. Education is the key to success. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to attain Education. Know you might be wondering how my relationship with my biological father transpired. I tried to build a relationship with him, turned out he is not ready to accept me as one of his. All I can ever do is to be thankful for my life and know there are better things yet to come.

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