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A wise man once said, “Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you. I agree with this statement. Everything happens for a reason and you can learn from your mistakes right? Experience isn’t just showing up or doing the work. It is about going the extra mile and putting everything you’ve got into the work. Life is an open door with many choices and paths you can choose. You have all these different roads you can turn on but the choice is up to you. There are a few examples I can think of that apply to my own life. We all know about the grade 10 OSSLT (Literacy test). It’s a requirement you need to graduate high school. The first year I wrote it I failed. It was so disappointing and brought down my confidence in English class. I decided to write it again the following year. Starting November I went to these little practice literacy preparation classes hosted by Ms Snell. She helped me a lot and it gave me a chance to be better prepared for this upcoming literacy test in the spring.
When I wrote in in the spring, I passed! A few of my friends thought the reason I passed was because I already had experience writing it before. I disagree with my friends. Yes I had experience with the literacy test but that’s not what passed me. What passed me was what I did when I failed the first year. I looked at failing the first year as a chance to try harder the next time. So I went to all of those practice classes and tried my very best. Being prepared is why I passed. It was about what I did with the experience I had when I failed the first year. In High School it is normal for some students to obtain a part time job. I started looking for a job at the beginning of my grade 10 year. I dropped off many resumes and had many interviews.
Sadly, I was always told no. At the end of grade 11 I finally got a job at Pazzo Taverna And
Pizzeria. I was so proud of myself. In my opinion I was very good in my interview. The reason I am telling this story is because I never gave up or backed down. I learned from my mistakes with the other interviews and used them to help me become stronger for my Pazzo interview. It is what did with my experience with interviews, not the fact that I just had interviews. It wasn’t the reason why I got the job. During my elementary school years I struggled with Math class. This year I am happy to say I am starting University Data Management. Is that surprising or what? It all started in grade 9 when I had this really helpful Math teacher who showed me that I could do Math. In grade 10 it got even better! In grade 11 I was flying along. There is a point to my Math story. I am not in
Data Management just because I had the experience of being in a Math class. I had to work hard for it. It is what I did with my Math experience and the experience of struggling. I used it for confidence to keep trying. A wise man once said, “Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you. I agree with this statement. The three examples I gave reflect on this statement. Passing the literacy test, getting a job, and doing well in Math class. Mistakes are made so you can learn from them. There are many paths in life, which one will you choose?

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