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Experiment Analysis in Increasing Productivity of Police Service Employees

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Experiment Analysis in Increasing Productivity of Police Service Employees
Roger W. Clark
University of Phoenix
Research 320 Foundations of Research
June 20, 2010
Experiment Analysis in Increasing Productivity of Police Service Employees
In 1973, the city manager of Orange California is looking to boost the pay of police officers, without alienating the taxpayers. The city manager determined the police force is highly educated and intelligent allowing for the agreement of the incentive plan focusing on reducing reported crimes in the city. The experiment is designed to determine if an incentive pay program can increases police productivity. Indentifying the experiments control group, pilot group, independent variable, and dependent variables are essential to determining the experiment’s reliability and validity.
The city of Orange California entered into agreement with the City of Orange Police Association to increase officers pay based on reported crimes in four categories, rape, burglary, robbery, and auto theft. Murder and assault were not included in the incentive plan because homicide and assault are considered a crime of passion, and larceny frequently involves theft from businesses (Staudohar, n.d., p. 520). The incentive plan could increase the agreed 7.5 percent pay increase in 1973 and six percent in 1974. The incentive increase for a reduction of 10% is an additional 2% and 3% for a reduction of 12% in reported crime (Staudohar, n.d., p. 520). In 1973 and 1974, the police officers received the maximum pay increases allowed by the contract. The qualitative factors considered in determining police productivity, is the reduction in response time, and overall feeling of citizen security. The quantitative factor is the reduction of crime in the city of Orange by the end of the experiment.

Control and Pilot Group…...

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