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Explain How the Management of Human, Physical and Technological Resources Can Improve the Performance of a Selected Organisation

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Managing business resource is vital for any business if they are determined to do well. A business has two types of resources and by managing the business resource it can improve the performance of the business in many areas such as profit margins and market share. If Tesco use they staff in an appropriate manner and make use of all they skills and abilities then the business can gain high amount of output for instance high level of productivity, motivated and improve team working. The business can give the staff training to broaden the skills and abilities of the staff which will benefit the business has the staff will be multi-skilled and will be able to work in different areas so if there was a staff absent another staff can filled and do the job task required.
If Tesco manages its building properly by using to its full capability and ability then the business will manage to decrease costs and by redeeming cost from the use of the building. For instance if the business has empty shelves in the building then the business will not be gaining any money from that space of the building and they are not using the equipment to its strength which means they are not recouping they cost. If Tesco manages its security properly then the business has the assurance of the stock and valuable in the business are safe and secure. This can be only done if the security cameras are checked regularly if they are working and if the alarms set on at the right time. If these are not checked then business risks losing they stock and valuables by little mistakes which could have been corrected.
If Tesco for instance use their vans appropriately for home deliveries then the business might manage to increase sales through online shopping as customers would be content with the service. If Tesco for instance use they trucks properly then they will manage to maintain they stock level by…...

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