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Explain Mr Prud 'Homme React To Finn's'

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How does Mr. Prud’homme react to Finny’s explanation for missing dinner?
At first Mr. Prud’homme was going to punish them but after Finny told him about the tree, Mr. Prud’homme had found his explanation amusing. He just stared at him for a little bit and that was all.
How does Gene feel about that?
Finny is a little amazed that they will not be getting in trouble and that the teacher was not mad at them. He is glad that they had gotten away with not going to dinner.
Describe how Finny is a rule breaker. Is he a conniver?
Finny is a rule breaker because he decides that while everyone else is wearing suits that he is going to wear a pink shirt and that he is going to wear the school tie as a belt. Finny is a conniver because he talks his way

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