Explain What Constitutes the Physical and Psychological Needs of a Three Year-Old Child. Explain How Would Ensure That These Physical and Psychological Needs Could Be Met in Your Country.

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Explain what constitutes the physical and psychological needs of a three year-old child. Explain how would ensure that these physical and psychological needs could be met in your country. |

This essay will define and explore the physical and psychological needs in reference to the three year-old child. The importance of these needs for the three year-old child cannot be over-emphasised. These needs and are both imperative in the full development of the child and ‘can never be viewed in isolation’ (Underdown, 2007) of one another. The physical needs must be adequately met for the subsequent psychological development of the child to be successfully fulfilled. Explanations on the importance of nutrition, physical exercise and safety will be given along with the need for survival, participation and belonging as it’s importance to the social and emotional well being of the child. The essay will further discuss how carers can ensure that these needs are met in the child-care setting and how the conduciveness or harshness of the setting or environment can influence the child’s development. Reference will also be made to government health and safety legislation, and polices in the setting.

The physical needs of the child are the basic needs required for survival, comprising of food, water, shelter, clothing and air. For a three year-old these needs includes a balanced diet to promote good health, but good health is also reliant on hygiene, medical care and safety measures. A child needs to know how to keep clean and to stay safe, in addition to a safe environment free from harm and abuse. Physical exercise is needed to enhance fine and gross motor skills and is dependant on adequate resting to produce ongoing energy to accommodate it. Some examples of physical exercise may include hopping, skipping, jumping, running and walking. These physical needs…...

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