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Explaining the Significance of Walk-Up Music at Minor League Baseball Games

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This research explores the challenge of rating fan satisfaction based on the affects of walk up music used during triple-A minor league baseball games. Minor league baseball has always been associated with family entertainment, and game enhancements, such as walk-up music for players, have been utilized to increase overall fan satisfaction. Walk-up music is a short clip of music that is played as a player approaches the batter’s box or the pitcher’s mound. 30 triple-A minor league teams were contacted and were questioned about their policies regarding their use of walk-up music during games. Using qualitative collection methods, this research primarily focuses on the reasoning behind front office decisions to allow players to select their own walk-up music that will utilized during home games. Information gained through a survey that was conducted during the interviews of 30 triple-A minor league baseball teams will add useful insight to future investigations that are focused on the affects of walk-up music at the minor league baseball level as well other levels of competition. Though trying to rule out extraneous variables that may affect fan satisfaction will be difficult, the investigators believe that the information gained will be beneficial to future researchers, and will hopefully be a foundation to more extensive research on the affects of music in correlation to fan satisfaction.
One of the most important advances in consumer research is the recognition that people are more responsive to music that they may like. In most cases the place, or more specifically the atmosphere, is more influential than the product or service itself (Milliman 1986). Atmosphere is an all-encompassing term used to describe the experience felt but not always seen. In sports, music has almost become a part of the game in such ways that it is used to…...

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