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Chapter 6
|Measuring and Managing Customer Relationships |[pic] |


6-1 Nonfinancial measures such as customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are important in managing relationships with customers, but an excessive focus on improving customer performance with only these metrics can lead to deteriorating financial performance. To balance the pressure to meet and exceed customer expectations, companies should also be measuring the cost to serve each customer and the profits earned, customer by customer.

6-2 Examples of differences between customers who have high and low costs-to-serve may be drawn from the chapter’s Exhibit 6-1, part of which appears below.

|High Cost-to-Serve Customers |Low Cost-to-Serve Customers |
|Order custom products |Order standard products |
|Small order quantities |Large order quantities |
|Customized delivery |Standard delivery |
|Manual processing; high order error rates |Electronic processing (EDI) with zero defects |
|Large amounts of pre-sales support (marketing, technical, and sales |Little to no pre-sales support (standard pricing and |
|resources) |ordering) |
|Large amounts of post-sales support (installation, training, warranty,|No post-sales support |
|field service)...

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