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Exploring Reverse Engineering

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Reverse engineering is the process of figuring out how something works by taking it apart piece by piece. Although this can be done with just about anything that you build; such as car engines, TVs, robotics, etc. when it comes to computers it originally was used to on the hardware end of things. Now that it is applied to the software end of things as well companies can use it as a way to learn and make new products more compatible with other products already out there. When it comes to reverse engineering software there are many benefits. Many people use it as a learning tool to better understand what they are trying to build and what their product is competing with. Some of the benefits of reverse engineering software would be to make products that are new and cheaper than the ones that came before. This way a company is able to take a product that is already out on the market and take it apart piece by piece and see how it works so they can rebuild it cheaper and more efficiently. One famous example of reverse engineering is in the mid-1980s Phoenix Technologies Ltd wanted to produce a BIOS for PCs that would be compatible with the IBM PCs proprietary BIOS. To protect themselves from any charges of illegally copying their BIOS they used what is called a clean room. With the clean room approach there are two teams; one that studies the BIOS that they are trying to recreate and they come up with a detailed report of what it is exactly the BIOS does without using any of the code or anything that will link their description to that particular BIOS. Then this description is given to another team that has not looked at the code of the BIOS they are recreating and they build whole new BIOS off those instructions. This way even if some of the code is the same it will not be a copy right infringement since the second team who actually wrote the code and built the BIOS had no prior knowledge of the first BIOS. The result of this was Phoenix was able to produce a BIOS that ran exactly the same as IBM’S BIOS therefore they were able to sell this software to other companies to create the first IBM-compatible PCs. Although reverse engineering is technically legal it does pose some risking business ethics and security problems for some companies. Sometimes reverse engineering a program will uncover certain privacy based practices that come into question; for example Convergence Corp’s CueCat scanning device revealed that each reader has a unique serial number that allows the maker to marry scanned codes with user registration data and thus track each user’s habits in great detail, which was a previously unpublicized feature. So if your software has any back door applications or motives then if someone reverse engineers your product you may be in a lot of trouble. Besides the security and ethical point reverse engineering large programs such as operating systems is just too expensive to do, it would be more feasible for a company to start from scratch and make a brand new operating system of their own. Also a lot of companies are trying to stop people from reverse engineering their products. One way of doing that is by shrink-wrap licenses that explicitly prohibit anyone who opens or uses the software from reverse engineering it. Although this method of stopping someone from reverse engineering their product has not been tested in the court system yet. The Hopper is an application that helps with the reverse engineering of OS X and Linux. It allows you to disassemble, decode, and debug your 32/64 bit Intel Mac, Linux, Windows, and iOS executables. Some of the features include a decompiler which is based on the advanced understanding of the executable and can present a pseudocode that represents the procedures and functions of the code in the executable. Another feature would be the debugger which allows you to debug and analyze the binary of the program you are reverse engineering. The Hopper also displays a control flow graph once it has detected a procedure. This graphical representation of the procedure will allow for a better understanding of what the program is doing and when it is doing it. This can be exported to a PDF and printed thanks to the Hopper. The Hopper is also perfectly adapted to the environment, the OS X version makes full use of the Cocoa framework and the Linux version makes use of the Qt 5 framework. The Hopper is just one of the many tools that are out there to help you reverse engineer software.

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