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Express Scripts Sharda Taylor American Intercontinental University July 25, 2015 Dr. Miller

In this paper, you will read about Express Scripts and what types of services they provide and they type of business they perform. Also in this paper, you will read about their payer mix. In this paper, also you will read an analysis of their financials.

Express Scripts The company Express Scripts is known for their leading home delivery, specialty pharmacy services and for having the best-known pharmacy benefit management service (Express Scripts, 2015). They manage the prescription benefits for millions of clients, health plans and plan sponsors (Express Scripts, 2015). Across the country employers, unions, and government organization tend to use one or more of Express Scripts services. According to Express Scripts (2015), their brand helps people to use prescription drugs safely and offer it to them at a more affordable price. This works out great since the country has billions of dollars in prescription drug waste due to costly drugs, pharmacies and health choices (Express Scripts, 2015).
History and/or Background Express Scripts Holding was founded on July 15, 1986 and is headquartered in Saint Louis, Missouri (Forbes, 2015). In 2013, Express Scripts became a Fortune100 company and is the 20th largest company in the United States (Express Scripts, 2015). The CEO of the company is George Paz and employs more than 29,000 people. According to Forbes (2015), Express Scripts works through two exclusively owned divisions, which are Medco Health Solutions Inc. and Express Script Inc. This business operates through pharmacy benefit management (PBM) and other business operations (Forbes, 2015). The pharmacy benefit management part of the company provides domestic and Canadian retail network pharmacy management, home delivery...

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