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Dear nutrition student,

Thank you for inquiring about my RD/DTR study guide. And yes, there is no catch, the study guide is COMPLETELY FREE! All I ask for is some feedback. So feel free to shoot me any questions/comments!

A little background: This study guide is the culmination of years of my own research. And after careful thought, I put into the study guide what I feel are the most important concepts you need to know for the RD/DTR exam. If you notice, I spent much time teaching you in detail the concepts you need to know, not just “spitting” you questions with little or no explanation. I believe this is important.

I know you might be thinking “oh, how am I going to absorb and learn all this material?” I say, just read and answer the questions at your own pace. Simply test yourself and of course take some breaks along the way. Just take it one concept at a time. After you have mastered one concept, then move on to the next.

I know if you study whole-heartedly what I have outlined in this study guide, you are sure to pass!


Your nutrition friend,

-Jonathan Brown, B.S, DTR


*Updated as of July 2011


Tips for taking the RD/DTR exam

1. PERIODICALLY CHECK THE CLOCK TO MAKE SURE YOU’RE GOOD ON TIME! If you wish, get a basic digital watch with a timer for extra precaution. Let it “beep” a warning mark prior to the end of the timed test. 2. WEAR EAR PLUGS (if a little noise distracts you). 3. ORGANIZE YOUR “CHEAT SHEET” (you get 1 sheet of scrap paper during your test) SO SAVE ROOM FOR YOUR SCRAP PAPER. DON’T BE SLOPPY! 4. When you enter the RD exam, take the tutorial and while you’re taking the tutorial jot down everything you can on...

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