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IV. External Analysis

A. General Environment

B. Industry and Competitor Analysis

C. Summary and Conclusion

Critical Success Factors

|CSF |Assigned Weight |CSF Importance to the Industry |
| | | |
|Length of service in the industry |0.10 |Years of experience as a key factor to |
| | |success makes an impression which affects |
| | |clients' preferences in choosing which |
| | |product supplier or service provider has |
| | |deeper understanding on such industry. The |
| | |more years of experience an enterprise has, |
| | |the more credibility it earns. |
|Strong online presence |0.05 |It is a factor which calls the attention of |
| | |the clients. It also serves as an |
| | |opportunity to the enterprise as to product |
| | |introduction, promotions and advertising. |
| | |The well established the website is, the |
| |…...

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