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Meghan Coburn
Professor Swanagan
EDRD 2010 – 05
30 March 2015
“Extinct Technologies”
It is not uncommon for species to go extinct. Technologies can go extinct as well. Sometimes how many technologies have gone or are going extinct. For example, how many people are using phones with cords? Cell phones and online video chat (both smartphones and computers) are becoming a very high percentage of users. In fact, nearly a quarter of households in the US have already got rid of landlines and 50 percent of adults’ aged 25 – 29 only use mobile devices. Cellphones include instant accessibility to anyone at any time, while the land bound land lines stays at home. Also while at home, people are using the newer technology way which is a cordless phone. The reason is because it’s portable of course. You can’t go too far with the phone with the cord. Another example would be wrist watches. They’re becoming extinct. Throwing on a fancy watch may look professional, but let’s be honest. Cell phones and IPods tell you the time when you’re out and about, and virtually every appliance in your home – such as your refrigerator to your stove to your coffee maker to your television and your DVD player – has a clock. No one wears wristwatches anymore, unless he or she grew up with one. Lastly, another known piece of technology that has become extinct would be Dial-up Internet access. It’s hard to find someone with who uses a phone line to connect to the internet when there are many alternatives such as wireless internet; better known as “WIFI”.

“Extinct Species”
Atlas Bear
Size and Weight: Up to 9 feet long and 1,000 pounds
Diet: Omnivorous
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Long, brown fur; short claws and muzzle
About the Atlas Bear:
The Atlas Bear is named after the Atlas mountains that spans modern-day Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. This bear was the only bear ever to be native to Africa. Most naturalist consider this shaggy giant to be a subspecies of the Brown Bear, while others argue that it deserves its own species name. The Atlas Bear was well on its way to extinction during early historical times; it was hunted intensively for sport, and captured for arena combat, by the Romans that conquered northern Africa in the first century A.D. Scattered populations of the Atlas Bear persisted until the late 19th century, when the last remnants were wiped out in Morocco’s Rif mountains.

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