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ASSIGNMENT Phyllis Mathis
Grand Canyon University: EDA - 575
September 25, 2013

I am supposed to do a research depicting how different leadership theories apply to your chosen school setting. The school I chose to write about while taking the course studies is Edith Robinson Christian Academy in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m currently the owner just as well as the Principal of the school. The grade levels we deal with are from K though 12. There are different theories you can choose from but the problem arise on which one fits your program the best, we are to pick a minimum of three different leadership article from Grand Canyon University elibrary. So the three leadership theories I chose for the school are; Implicit Leadership Theories (ILTs), Social Cognitive Theory and Grounded Theory of Applied Critical Thinking in Leadership. Edith Robinson Christian Academy deal with a diverse group of youth and majority of the students are inner city kids that come from different areas in Broward County. These students have already been rejected by the public school system because of their behavior but the truth be told they are so behind with their education until its mind bogging. Majority of these students are at least four to five grades behind. The different leadership theories I pick hopefully they will help me with an answer to the solution as well as the problem. Implicit Leadership Theories (ITLs) according to Eden and Leviatam. They got the idea from Schneider’s (1973) that the theory was to image that everyone holds about the traits and behavior for leaders in general. The theories serve to explain the other person behavior and to observe the reaction toward that person. This mean the when the person meets or observes the leader they think of certain images and can see that the leader is in charger by his or her...

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