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3.3 UK Competition policy and Regulatory bodies
Competition Policy
The Competition policy covers the different ways in the competition of national governments and also the EU seeks to make markets work better & achieve higher level of the economic efficiency and economic welfare. The competition policy focus on the discourage of competitive behavior. This wills covers in which the competition of the national governments & EU seek to the better work of the markets to achieve higher level of economic efficiency. The main expectation of competition policy is to make the market contribute to increase efficiency and competitiveness of the UK economy within the single market of EU. There are main objective – * Technological innovation * Protect and secure the standards of anti-competitive behavior. * Effective price competition between suppliers. The coco green company should follow these objectives to gain the UK market.

Main Aims of Competition Policy
Main aim of competition policy is to promote competition & make markets work better & contribute towards to increased efficiency & competitiveness of the UK economy. within the EU single market. Competition policy is aims to ensure: * Wider consumer choice in the markets for goods & services. * Technological innovation in which promotes gains in the dynamic efficiency. * Effective price competition between the suppliers. * Investigating allegations of the anti-competitive behaviour within the markets which might have negative effect on the consumer welfare
There are 4 pillars of competition policy in the UK: * Antitrust & cartels: This will involves the elimination of the agreements which seeks to restrict competition (e.g. price-fixing agreements) & of abuses by the firms that who hold a dominant position in the market.

* Market...

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