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Face vs Linked in

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Facebook vs LinkedIn: Battle for B2B Business Revenue by CAROL SMITH on OCTOBER 30, 2012 · 3 COMMENTS AND 206 REACTIONS in DURABLE,LINKEDIN,SOCIAL MEDIA
Your company wants to increase B2B revenue, accelerate lead generation, demonstrate thought leadership and create brand awareness. It’s time to discover which is better for your B2B business, Facebook or LinkedIn?
Let’s begin with the time tested phrase now used by business development professionals and taught in every business school from the East coast’s Harvard to West coast’s University of California: “Follow the money” 1. Income: LinkedIn users on average have an income of $109,000 compared to Facebook’s $25,000 according a study by Seeking Alpha in 2012. The average income on Twitter also towers over Facebook with more than double at $52,000 per user. 2. Decision Makers: LinkedIn offers you better access to finding and connecting with B2B decision makers. A LinkedIn demographics study showed that 42% have CXO, VP, Director, or Manager titles and users can search by these terms and more for easy search value. 3. Age: Facebook is a great place to connect with younger users where according to a 2012 study by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project 83% of it’s users are in the 18-29 year age category as compared to LinkedIn’s 16% and Twitter’s 27%. If your B2B decision maker is under 29, consider using Facebook. 4. Company Pages: Facebook and LinkedIn both offer free feature-rich company pages. Facebook however prohibits companies from advertising on the top level company page where LinkedIn encourages promoting products and services which are easily visible and accessible on the first page. 5. Sales Leads: LinkedIn offers the user the ability to proactively search by keyword, name, location, title, company, school, industry, seniority level, company size, language,...

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