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Facebook and Business

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How to Use Facebook for Business
VP Inbound Marketing HubSpot Twitter: @mvolpe

Mike Volpe

Ellie Mirman

Inbound Marketing Manager HubSpot Twitter: @ellieeille

How to Participate on Twitter

Step One 1. Login to your Twitter account g y 2. Comment and ask questions including the hashtag “#hubspot”

How to Participate on Twitter

Step Two 1. Go to 2. Search for “#hubspot”

• What is Facebook & Why is it Important? • How to Get Started • How to Create Your Business Page • 5 Tips for Promoting Your Business • What to Measure & How

Outbound Marketing

800-555-1234 Annoying Salesperson

Inbound Marketing
Blog g SEO Social Media

Rethinking Marketing
Outbound Marketing • Telemarketing • Trade shows • Direct mail • Email blasts Email blasts • Print ads • TV/radio ads Inbound Marketing • SEO / SEM • Blogging • Social Media • RSS • Free tools/trials • Public Relations



What is Facebook?

Why You Should Care
• • • • • • • Over 120 million active users Adding 250,000 new users each day since Jan 07 Addi 250 000 hd i J 07 4th most trafficked website Most trafficked social media site Top Social Search Engine p g More than 55,000 networks More than half are outside of college & fastest More than half are outside of college & fastest growing demographic is 25 years or older

“I’m 48. I don t understand I m 48 don’t this Social Media stuff.”
• Similar to a business Similar to a business cocktail reception • Without constraints of time or space of time or space

Business Cocktail Party Advice
• M t Meet people and start conversations l d t t ti • Answer questions – help others • Ask questions – trust others’ advice

Social Media = Cocktail Party
• Become a real member of the community Become a real member of the community • Add al e to the comm nit Add value to...

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