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Did you know, the utilization of Facebook can make you feel terrible about yourself? * THESES:
Sure, Facebook can make you feel like you have got all the friends in the world, but it also makes you feel lonely and left out, hinders your privacy, and in more regrettable case, can even lead to cyber bullying
* Facebook gives you a false sense of connection. 1. Not all the friends on your list are real. 2. Can lead to comparisons between your friends. You always feel the other person is more rich, has more friends and is way happier. * Privacy issues are one of the major issues faced by facebook users 1. Facebook encourages people to be more public about their personal lives 2. When inappropriate images are uploaded, they can affect your career when a background check is done. * Facebook and teenage cyberbullying 1. Fake profiles are created and abusive texts are sent and posted. 2. According to 2010 CBC news report around 42% of teenagers using facebook have been victims.

CONCLUSION: * Memorable statement:
Technology is clearly advancing humankind, curing sickness, taking us closer to space, improving our standards of living. – But it is also at the same time, deteriorating some aspects of all of this, and too much of reality is at risk of disappearing unless we can detach ourselves from technology more often, and get back to the more simple things in life.

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