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Facebook Custom Audience
Integrated Marketing Communications

Facebook Custom Audience
Integrated Marketing Communications

Executive Summary

Project Purpose

Facebook’s Custom Audience is one of today’s fastest growing marketing solutions. Ideasaurus’ goal is to increase the awareness and consideration of Facebook’s Custom Audiences with B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing decision makers as well as increase the awareness of the Custom Audience product and encourage B2C marketers to consider utilizing Custom Audiences at their company.The underlying value of Facebook’s Custom Audiences is that it allows marketers the ability to conduct ethical advertising using their own databases while maximizing ROI on their social media advertising budget. With many small to mid size companies, social media advertising was never a real option with very little reliable data to understand if the investments in Facebook’s advertising features capture the consumers and move them from the consideration phase to the buying phase. Businesses can reach their current consumers on a larger scale and understand them at a deeper level by being able to build consumer profiles to better market to them, and turn generating more exponential growth for the company. Researching the most beneficial Integrated Marketing Communication channels was critical for Ideasaurus’ plan to execute the a marketing plan for either a small to midmarket business. Ideasaurus’ IMC channels include direct mail, email campaigns, paid search, new content creation, personal sales, webinar/digital events, social media ads, product training and event sponsorship.

Key Research Results
By reaching out to primarily small and midsize businesses to conduct primary research through individual interviews regarding their social media marketing efforts, Ideasaurus will complete four...

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