Facebook Is Still Cool

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Technological advances and innovations continue to evolve at the speed of light and directly impact the way we do business, as well as the rate at which we communicate personally, manage, and interface with one another in an ever changing world.

In 2004, Facebook social networking service and Website was launched by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook is owned and operated by Facebook, Inc. It has turned into a national obsession. Initially established for Ivy League college students at Harvard, Facebook eventually expanded to other colleges and soon to everyone! Users register for a personal account, create personal profiles and add other users, friends, pictures and videos; and thus have the opportunity to become as self-promoting, individualistic, assertive, and fun focused, or career motivated, as they desire.

It goes without saying that Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn professional network, influence the way we do business as well as personally how we communicate with others. Additionally, companies, managers and advertisers are challenged for the first time, with globalization and four generations of workers (Boomers, Generation X & Y, Millennials), plus, various consumer types to manage, problem-solve, market/advertise their products and services.

In view of current trends, and in an effort to improve the value of products and develop best practices in meeting the needs of employees and/or the consumer market, organizations must continuously make needed change. Furthermore, in as much as change is a necessary function of monitoring performance, an example of unneeded change is recently when according to MSNBCNews.com TECH, “when Facebook passed the billion-member mark, it released its first national ad – comparing itself to chairs.” Consequently, the ad was a flop. The ad was misunderstood and became the butt of jokes…...