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Facebook Utilization That Affects the Study Habits

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Facebook is known to be the most famous social networking sites in the world. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin on Febuary 2004. Facebook was originally created for Harvard students only, for them to keep in touch when they were away from the campus, but the site has been now expanded worldwide and has about billion active users and majority of these are college students.
With the rapid changes to our generation, youth is now more demanding in acquiring technologies that will suit to their needs, especially in their studies. Certainly, the access in Internet or in the World Wide Web is easy and there are many benefits can be gained. The use of this accessibility is applied mostly on the professionals such as medical practitioners, business tycoons, and even government officials. The purpose of their usage the Internet is different in terms of their needs and various marketers also applied their expertise on it. Apparently, the growing numbers of users are members of different social networking sites and most of them are students.
Social networking such as Facebook, one of the largest social networking sites and many others has been plagued the websites of the Internet accessibility. Many individuals, mostly students and their friends are engaged in social networking. Social networks are made to entertain and to interact with the other people even if they are far away. Due to the nonstop change in cultural and social aspect and with the accordance of technological revolution, the social networking’s real meaning in the face of the Internet and Web is still in question.
Now, ask every student and they will definitely tell you that they had an account ranges from 1 to 3 in different social networking sites especially in Facebook. With this fact, the networking sites is a subject for scrutiny because they can…...

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