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Facebook: a Dangerous Tool for Students

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Facebook: A Dangerous tool for Students

We have been living in the era of convenience and Facebook has been playing an important role in every part of our lives. Many students use Facebook as a tool to communicate and exchange information with friends. However, I totally disagree with the idea that students need to use Facebook because of three reasons.
One of the reasons that Facebook is unnecessary is that it wastes my time and money. When I want to use it, I have to top up and apply for the internet package. It totally wastes my money because I have to spend almost seven hundred baht per month for using it. Moreover, using Facebook takes up my worth time typing and waiting for people’s replying. Especially when the internet is terrible, I have to wait for downloading. It makes me miss several important things in life.
Another reason that Facebook is useless is that it makes me an unsociable person. A year ago, I used to be addicted to using Facebook. I had thousand of friends on that and when my friends texted me, I dropped everything and replied them at once. I could spend my whole day sitting and lying in my bed for checking, posting, and chatting on Facebook. Furthermore, I even chatted while having meal with people and did not want to talk to people around me because I was busy with putting my head on my phone. Until I found that I had lost friends, I stopped that bad habit.
The last reason that Facebook is harmful is that it makes me do worse in school. When I was a second year student, I love Facebook very much. I chatted with my foreign friends every night, so I did not have time to read books and do homework. In addition, when I stayed up late, I went to class late with the feeling of embarrassing that everyone looked at me from head to toe. I even chatted in the class and when I got back to listen, I could not understand what the teacher said. Therefore, I could not do well in the exam.
In summary, although many students use Facebook as a tool to communicate with people to make their lives easier, its drawbacks are considerable. Therefore, whenever you go on Facebook, limit yourselves on overusing it and be aware that convenience work both ways.

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