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Lec 6: Ch 10 (the role of company directors and other officers and the means by which they are appointed and removed); main focus is on the directors * ‘officer’ and ‘director’ definition- s9, p200 (Morley v ASIC). * ‘director’- a) appointed director regardless of the name given to their position; b) not validly appointed director but acts in position or; c) not validly appointed but the directors of the company are accustomed to act in accordance with the person’s instructions and wishes; person in a) OR b) is de facto director, within c) is a shadow director * Statutory duties, including the duty to act with reasonable care and diligence and the duty to act in the best interests of the company * Statutory requirement for all companies to have at least one director; PTY company must have at least one, with one ordinarily residing in Australia (s201A(1)); public companies must have at least 3, with at least 2 in Aus (s201A(2)) * Directors’ role: manage or supervise the management; for companies that rely on the replaceable rules as their internal governance rules, s198A provides that “the business of a company is to be managed by or under the direction of the directors’” * Company secretary: public companies must have at least one company secretary (s204A(2)) be 18yo and have at least one residing in Aus; PTY company may have one but is not required to appoint one (s204A(1)); secretary is appointed by directors; responsibilities include record-keeping and lodging certain documents with ASIC; same person may be both director and company secretary; for public companies does Corps Act require both officers, director and CS.
ROLE OF COMPANY OFFICERS * Except in the case of a single director/shareholder PTY company, company law assumes a “division of labour” * Directors’ role: natural person over 18 (s201B(1)) and the person need not be a...

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...Tаble of Content Introduction 3 Mаintenаnce Mаnаgement 4 Choice & Purchаsing Criteriа 5 Supplier Benefits 6 Cost Аccounts 6 Future Renovаtion 7 Conclusion 7 List of References 8 * Introduction Nowаdаys, hoteliers аre fаcing serious dilemmа when building а hotel: how to choose the fаcilities thаt will sаtisfy guests аnd аt the sаme time will be profitаble for the hotel. There аre so mаny trends аvаilаble todаy: environmentаlly friendly equipment, energy аnd wаter sаving systems аnd mаny more. However, in order to choose the most suitаble ones they аll need to be cаrefully аnаlyzed. Fаcilities generаte revenue аnd mаke property look more аppeаling to the guests. Therefore, the purpose of this report is to identify the importаnt role of mаintenаnce аctivities in а hotel аs well аs the choice of equipment аnd systems аnd their purchаsing criteriа. The decisions will be bаsed on trying to find the most efficient solution for the given four-stаr hotel – “Cаnton Pаlаce” in Montreux. Moreover, we will аlso suggest future renovаtion ideаs. In аddition to thаt, we аre going to explаin different cost аccounts thаt аre used in the hotel аnd how the choice of equipment аnd mаintenаnce types cаn аffect them. Lаst but not leаst, none of the аbove will work unless there is а professionаl аnd reliаble mаnаgement teаm working on аssigning mаintenаnce аctivities, suggesting renovаtion schedules,......

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...Facility Planning – Considerations Elizabeth Theodorides February 23, 2015 Intro In this paper I will go over the topics of what is the regulatory requirtement and their effects on the design and equipment and colors sections and noise issues. Also the types of equipment needed examination of budget planning and cost estimates, and description of the role of stakeholders in facility planning and development. Regulatory Requirements Hospitals are among the most regulated of all building types. Like other buildings, they must follow the local and/or state general building codes. However, federal facilities on federal property generally need not comply with state and local codes, but follow federal regulations. For many years the health care system has experienced a continuing decline in the number of beds required for inpatients. As inpatient care is reduced, there is a corresponding trend toward increased outpatient health care. An outpatient clinic is less expensive to build and operate than a hospital. Space need not be devoted to "hotel functions" (the typical nursing units of hospitals), (WBDG) and the extensive dietetic and housekeeping areas that accompany them. Fire code requirements are considerably less demanding and mechanical and electrical systems can be simpler. Multiple shifts of staff are not required, since the building is usually closed at nights and on weekends, and housekeeping can take place after it is closed to patients and most staff, rather......

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...Views - President’s Message Spring has sprung in Southern Ontario and my mind races onward with ideas that I want to implement both at work and home. And what a better way to explore these ideas and develop some structure around them, than by hiring a person that is motivated, energetic, and able to acquire current knowledge easily. Yeah I know you are asking “Where do I get in line for someone like that?” Well what I have just described is a co-op student. I have my usual 2 co-op students already reserved and they will be starting in 3 weeks time. And let me tell you my whiteboard is filling with initiatives and ideas for these two to deal with. And with two facility management related college programs in the area (at Humber College and at Conestoga Collage) there are co-op students looking for jobs in the facility management field. If you want the contact information use the membership CD just sent to you and on the opening page are the hyperlinks for both of these institutions. This is the third year that IFMA Toronto has produced the membership CD rather than published a membership roster. There are, of course, issues with this year’s CD as there have been with every membership roster created in history I believe. Some of the problems are related to getting updated information about member. As an example when people renew their membership and if it is tardy the membership listing we acquire from Houston does not contain all of our known members. Other issues like which......

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...Facility Management Name Institution Facility Management Facility management (FM) as an interdisciplinary field that is devoted to the coordination of space, people, infrastructure and the organisation aim at providing professional specialised services to the other units in the organisation. Facility management can be summarised as creation of the optimal environment for the organization's primary functions by taking an integrated view of the customer infrastructure that is used to deliver satisfaction to the customers. Facility management has developed to become a thriving business sector and a professional discipline in many countries (Zeithaml, Bitner & Gremler, 2009). The facility management has therefore become significant to various organisations and important in increasing the customer satisfaction with the management of supporting services. When it is well managed, it enables the business to function in a very effective and efficient manner by adding real value to the core business. Facility management has been elevated and is seen as being of strategic importance to the organisation by contributing to the business success or giving the business competitive advantage in the marketplace. The process of Aligning organisations Units When there is effective alignment between the facility management and the different actors in the primary process, the facility services provided will provide real value to the organisation's core business (Lexi &Joanna, 2009).......

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