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Facility Planning Consideration

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Facility Planning Consideration
Tanyale Bell
April 27, 2015
Richard Nordahl

Facility Planning Consideration
In this following paper I will discuss the regulatory requirements and their effect on design and equipment. This paper will give audiences detail on color selection implication and noise issues, electronic items needed, and Gantt chart that details and implementation plan. Thus, this evidence will give resource and facts of examination of budget planning and cost estimates, a list of different type of equipment needed, the description of the role of stakeholders’ in facility planning and development.

For many years regulation and technical requirement have been affected by less needs and pressures. Which include workforce shortage, malpractice insurance and reimbursement. Although, since 60 to 75% of hospital expenses are labor costs, a design that increases operational productivity or efficiency and reduces staffing needs can have a major impact on the bottom line. ( Thus, regulatory requirements has an effect on state, local and federal laws. Many ordinance have more stringent requirement, such as zoning laws and building codes. In additional safety laws and other laws have to address before construction started. Federal and state laws relating to privacy (HIPAA), waste management (OSHA & EPA), environmental hazards (OSHA & EPA), and other emerging concerns have the potential to affect the design of a dental clinic. When developing contracts with your architect and contractor, obligate them to ensure that you comply with the requirements of all applicable laws. ( in some cases facility planning have color implications and noise issue, such as an impact on same handed rooms along with medical errors, staff and, medical errors, which shown a little evidence. In order to understand articulating and the relationship between healthcare and built environment. Today healthcare administrators, staff and other manager must try to come together to evaluate healthcare design innovation by communicating so that future projects are strong knowledge base and experience. This will help bring down cost and help spur design innovation in the future.
In a healthcare setting noisy have had a serious impact on staff and patients outcomes. These outcomes range from sleep loss elevate blood pressure, burnout among staff. Hospital noise can extremely have an impact on poor acoustical environment impedes and improving speech intelligibility and reducing sound reverberation will increase speech privacy and reducing sound propagation into adjoining areas.

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