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Facing the Lion Book

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October 8, 2013

Facing the Lion

Joseph Lemasolai Lekuton writes his story of being an African nomad in “Facing the Lion”. He tells stories of his childhood and how he grew up in his unstable conditions, overcoming anything the world through at him. Compared to Joseph, most people here in the United States have it easy, either spoiled by parents or living off the government. It was one of Josephs’ dreams to come to America and to become successful so his family and friends would look up to him. After reading “Facing the Lion”, Joseph caught me as a very kind person with a sensitive heart. He was well liked by everyone in his village which gave him his skills needed to be able to talk to anyone, including the president. Like all Kenyans, he was a stud a soccer and really impressed the his president. The president began to really enjoy Josephs company and began helping him out by paying his school bills which really kept Joseph in his field of education. The president would also give Joseph rides everywhere and gave him a job, really helping his working skills. There is a huge cross culture difference in “Facing the Lion”. When I was that young, all I had to do was make my bed and keep my room clean. I had it way easier that Joseph ever did. I had to go through school when I was younger as well like all the other American kids. In Kenya, the kids needed to stay home and work because it was life or death for their family. However Joseph was lucky enough to be able to attend school. He would walk sometimes several miles to attend because his family was always on the move. And I complained about driving to school? Really? I really makes you appreciate living in America. Another cultural difference I found is how the elders of the village are allowed to punish other children. I found this rather strange…...

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