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Freedom Lost, Factory Farming With Egg Laying Chickens
Katelyn Felix
Upper Iowa University

Filth, confinement, disease, mutilation, and deprivation are a few things that come to mind when factory farming is mentioned. It is a rapidly growing problem in the United States. Factory farming first started in the 1930’s on a low scale. New kinds of incubators lead to chickens being able to be produced in larger quantities in large scale operations. After World War II the increased demand of eggs led to specialized breading and an increase in factory farming in the United States. Soon following suit between the 1960’s and 1970’s was the boom of fast food chains thus increasing the demand for cheap, fast products (Safe for Animals, 2012). Mass production swept the nation at the expense of the animals and our health. This movement cannot be stopped unless people can get informed with what is happening in these factory farms, and possible alternatives to better our nation’s moral standing.
Factory farming of egg laying hens is when they are kept under strict guidelines with intensive methods in order to achieve mass production, in this case, of eggs. These hens are deprived of life, they are only used as means of production and might as well be categorized as machines. First let’s discuss the killing and disposal of chickens in this industry. In the egg industry obviously hens are the only useful chicken to these business owners, seeing as males cannot produce eggs, because of that over two hundred and sixty million chickens are killed each year after hatching (Sanctuary, 2012). They will do this either by sucking them through a series of pipes onto an electrified killing plate or being ground up alive and turned to pulp. The factory farmers dispose of life so easily and they do it not only to new hatched chickens but to others as well. When a hen is considered “spent”...

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