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This Research is mainly dealt with knowing purchase and post purchase behaviour.

This Research is focuses on product output which customer get from the product.

This Research is also focus on changing preference of customers because in today’s time there are so many best option for customer for every electronic product.

This Research also studies that product are reaching up to the expectation of customer or not.

A electronic product company differentiate its product on different grounds. So we study that, for which qualities company is advertising, those features that product have or not.

? This Report will help to understand the consumer behaviour towards purchasing a new Washing Machine or Refrigerator.
? It also opens the various factor which can effect the purchase decision.
? This Report provides a frame of mind of people, what are the exceptions of consumer and up to how much level these expectation met.
? This Report will be helpful for Retailers and Companies so that they can understand the consumer behaviour and can satisfy the consumer on more better manner.
? To know whether they recommend to other or not.
? To know race of celebrity in buying decisions.
? To know consumer behaviour while purchasing.
? To know what factor affect consumer behaviour.
? To know the consumer view regarding service/after sales service.
? To know various strategies used by companies to attract consumers ? To know the consumer preference.


The project will certain the drivers Consumer Behaviour and to find the factor which affect purchase of Washing Machine &
The Research divide into two parts : -
⊗ exploratory research to find the various drives of consumer behaviour ⊗...

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