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Factors Affecting Demand of Smartphone

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BRM 2044

The Factors Affecting the Purchase Intention of the Consumers toward Smartphone.

TRIMESTER 2, 2012/2013

Lecturer: Wendy Teoh Ming Yen

Lecture section | BM 202 | | Student’s Name | Student’s ID | Student’s Major | Signature | (Group Leader)Member 1: | THEO WAI KIAN | 1102700074 | BANKING AND FINANCE | | Member 2: | MAH JIA YEE | 1102701193 | BANKING AND FINANCE | | Member 3: | CHEN ZI XIANG | 1111112600 | HUMAN RESOURCE | | Member 4: | TAY KHENG GUAN | 1101106830 | HUMAN RESOURCE | |

Table of Contents Index Page Cover Page 1 Contents 2-3 Chapters 1: Introduction 4-11 1.1 Introduction 4-6 1.2 Background of the research and research question 6-7 1.3 Research objectives 8 1.4 Significance and justification of the study 8-9 1.5 Research scope 9 1.6 Definition of the key terms 10 1.7 Organizational of Research 11 Chapters 2: Literature Review 12-19 2.1 Introduction 12 2.2 The theory 12-13 2.3 Dependent variable 13-15 2.3.1 Purchase intention of smartphone 14-15 2.4 Independent variables 15-19 2.4.1 Product features 15-16 2.4.2 Price 16-17 2.4.3 Brand name 17-18 2.4.4 Social influences 18-19 2.5 Conclusion 19 Chapters 3: Research Methodology 20-29 3.1 Development of Research framework and hypotheses 20-22 3.1.1 Social influences 21 3.1.2 Product features 21 3.1.3 Brand names 22 3.1.4 Price 22 3.2 Research design 23 3.3 Research instrument 24-27 3.4 Sampling plan 27 3.5 Data collection method 28 3.6 Data analysis method 28-29 Chapters 4: Research Findings and Discussion 30-39 4.0 Introduction 30 4.1 Demographic Profile 30-31 4.2 Frequency Analysis 32-34 4.3 Mean analysis 35-36 4.4 Pearson correlation 36-37 4.5 Multiple linear regressions 38-39 Chapters 5:…...

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