Factors Affecting Reading Comprehension

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Reading comprehension is a learned skill that is dependent upon several factors. While there are certain factors that significantly aid reading comprehension, there are also factors that affect reading comprehension. Not every child or adult will glean the same amount out of a given text, for several underlying reasons. Aside from a learning disability, there are some more common factors that affect reading comprehension, such as focused attention span, experience, vocabulary level, and ability to make connections.
A learning disability (such as Dyslexia) will severely hamper your ability to comprehend that which you read, but if there is not a disability present, the next major factor contributing to reading comprehension is focused attention span. A short attention span will severely cramp your ability to understand what you are reading. As you read, if you are not able to follow along with each word, you will eventually drift off topic and interest will not have been sustained. Reading requires focused attention, and you have to be able to make sense of each word and sentence. Written works typically follow a progression, and if you are not attending to it while reading, it will become easy to succumb to distractions. This is a major factor that affects reading comprehension.
Experiences are another factor that greatly impact reading comprehension. If you have many life experiences that you can draw upon from your memory bank, you may be more apt to follow along with a given reading selection. A story that does not make sense to you because you have not lived that sort of experience before will not be able to hold your interest. Comprehending reading requires that you delve deep into the characters and plot, and allow your imagination to soar, transcending time and boundaries. The creative aspect of your brain needs to be engaged in order to fully understand…...