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Factors Affecting Study Habit Among Secondary School Students

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In the era of globalization and technological revolution, education is considered as a first step for every human activity. It plays a vital role in the development of human capital and is linked with an individual well-being and opportunities for better living. It ensures the acquisition of knowledge and skills that enable individual to increase their productivity and improve their quality of life. Success as the name implies is wished for by everybody but it is not easily come by on a mere platter of gold; one must work for it through hard work and diligence.
Afe (2000), Education is considered as a tool to be used for the integration of the individual into the society to achieve self-realization, develop national consciousness, promote unity, and strive for social, economic, political, scientific, cultural and technological progress. Education in science and Mathematics therefore becomes bedrock and indispensable tools for scientific, technological and economic advancement in any nation. It gives the nation the capacity to apply technology for the exploitation of the resources of nature. Such exploitation will depend greatly on Mathematics for laying the foundation for political, governmental, military, civil, scientific, technological advancement, economic development, socio-cultural and environmental peace.
Obe (1996) conceptualizes Mathematics as the master and servant of most disciplines and thus, a source of enlightenment and understanding of the universe. He further opines that without it, the understanding of national problems would be superficial.Mathematics is not only basic to these but is the language of science. In another related study, Igbokwe (2003) highlights the intricate link of mathematics to science and technology, and contends...

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