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Perceptual Mapping of Tourism Management Schools in Davao City

Chapter 1 Problem and its Setting

Background of the Study

According to Lewis, Robert C. & Chambers, Richard E. (2000) first, perceptual mapping can help us identify previously unrecognized issues and attributes of a product and service that lead the customer behaviours. Second, perceptual mapping can help us compare how our products performs against our competitors can also help us to identify which combination of features and benefits are most preferred to our customers. The end results of the analysis in the perceptual map provide a graphic illustration on how the competitor has options compare against each other. The technique is often used in marketing to understand how our product is positioned against the is particularly useful if we wish to reputation our product to a new target market. According to Crossman, 2010 “Increasing globalization and internationalization has heightened the need for graduates with the ability to operate in culturally diverse contexts. Universities have focused upon exchange as part of internationalization to prepare students for work but there is still limited literature on the nature of the relationship between international experiences, more broadly and graduate employability.” The Sheffield Hallam University in 2012 ranks 5th in the UK, states that “you get the opportunity to put what you’ve learn into practice with a paid work placement in the UK or overseas. This is a great chance to improve your career prospects and can sometimes lead to an offer of employment after you graduate.” Moreover that the tourism school must offer another opportunity to make an demand conditions to put also the training and practice in order of their career prospect in their ability competencies and to have a great job after they...

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...STUDY HABITS OF GRADE V PUPILS OF VILLA TERESITA ELEMENTARY SHOOL: ITS RELATION TO THEIR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE Felisilda, Rose Gay M. Jandayan, Jonil D. Parba, Cleofe C. BOHOL ISLAND STATE UNIVERSITY CANDIJAY CAMPUS Cogtong, Candijay, Bohol March 2012 CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE INTRODUCTION Students are facing with many issues in their lives, and because of the competing things for your attention, it’s hard to concentrate on studying. Studying can seem very boring when compared to any other exciting activity. You may even prefer doing non-sense things rather than to study your lessons. Too many people treat studying as the thing to do when you get around to it or have some spare time, too many people look at studying as necessary task, not an enjoyment or an opportunity to learn.( Grohol, 2006 ) Studying is important in our lives, especially to the lives of the students. Each student as unique individual has different abilities, approaches, ways of thinking, interests and ways of studying the lessons. These individual differences have significant influences on ones learning style and acquisition. Each student has different methods and ways of studying and these methods are sometimes helpful but some are not as effective as the others. (Oppapers, 2010) One reason we often don’t start studying until last possible minute is that we have misjudged how long it will actually take as to absorb and understand the material we are studying....

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