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Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Bstm Students

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1. Attributes of Strategic Management: How do your activities and actions contribute to the goals of your organization? Observe the decisions you make on the job. What are the short-term and long-term implications of your decisions and actions? Have you recently made a decision that might yield short-term profits but might negatively impact the long-term goals of the organization (e.g., cutting maintenance expenses to meet a quarterly profit target)?

2. Intended versus Emergent Strategies: Don’t be too inflexible in your career strategies; strive to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Many promising career opportunities may “emerge” that were not part of your intended career strategy or your specific job assignment. Take initiative by pursuing opportunities to get additional training (e.g., learn a software or a statistical package), volunteering for a short-term overseas assignment, etc.

3. Ambidexterity: Avoid defining your role in the organization too narrowly; look for opportunities to leverage your talents and your organization’s resources to create value for your organization. This often involves collaborating with people in other departments or with your organization’s customers and suppliers.

4. Strategic Coherence: Focus your efforts on the “big picture” in your organization. In doing this, you should always strive to assure that your efforts are directed toward your organization’s vision, mission, and strategic objectives.



1. Creating the Environmentally Aware Organization: In your career, what are some ways in which you can engage in scanning, monitoring, and intelligence gathering for future job opportunities?…...

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Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Bstm Students

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