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Factors Influencing Social Policy Paper

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Factors Influencing Social Policy Paper
Alisha Muller
BSHS/355 Delivery of Human Service
University of Phoenix

Factors Influencing Social Policy Paper

For the social policy assignment we chose to research an ad for the Affordable Care Act, also known as, Obamacare. This is a very touchy subject for the nation. We wanted to find an ad that used a fun way to present the Act in a lighter way. We thought that this ad accomplished that. Plus roller derby is always cool because it shows the strength that women can possess. When critiquing the ad we described the ad, assessed if the ad accurately portrayed the social policy, and the pros and cons of the ad.
The ad that we have chosen for this assignment features the Roller Derby team members Sylivia’s Wrath, Craazy LuLu and Harper Bizarre Hell on Wheels of team Pain Killers. They ladies are looking very tough. Instead of the slogan got milk? It says got insurance? The words that are displayed next to the girls say that derby is dangerous and if you are going to play them you better have insurance so that you can be treated after they are finished. The ad also says that they have insurance and you too can have insurance thanks to Obamacare.
The roller derby advertisement does not accurately portray the Affordable Health Care Act obamacare. The advertisement does not tell you that you have to have health care by March 2014. The advertisement does not tell you can purchase new coverage plans at any time. The advertisement does not tell you that if you have special circumstances you may qualify for medical coverage. You are very likely eligible if you: Lost health coverage in the last 60 days or expect to lose it within the next 60 days. Got a divorce and lost health insurance, got married gave birth, adopted a child or had a foster child placed in your home, or had a death in your household. If you...

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