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Factors Influencing Studt Habits of Beed Students

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Skills teachers need to create an effective board display could include: * Creativity. Instructional content can be dry and boring in a classroom setting. Creative teachers try to present concepts and content in an interesting way. * Visual skills. Teachers are somewhat like interior designers; they must be able to visualize the presentation and impact they want to create, then apply those to the display. * Organizational skills. This goes along with #2, but organization includes comparing and contrasting, grouping, and arranging content in a meaningful way. * Communication. Teachers know that words combined with visual content can often communicate more than words alone. As well, the teacher must be a good communicator. * Minimalistic views. Good teachers know they must minimize content to the basic building blocks they want to teach. Rather than a display aimed at students who understand the most, the best, or the easiest, the display would be geared to include students who understand the least, the poorest, and the hardest. * Lastly, good teachers make visual displays part of the lesson plan. Displays or decorated bulletin boards are not just to make the room pretty. A good teacher can use one display to help students build many different skills.
I personally love this bulletin board for the classroom. Not only is the quote inspirational for the children but it can also be incorporated into Science (the solar system). As a class you can make the rocket out of cardboard and decorate it. Have each student make their own star, NOT giving them pre-made ones. Have a discussion with the class that not all stars are the same just like them! Hang up red rope lights or red colored string for the rocket trail. For some Science inspiration, hang up paper lanterns in front of the bulletin board to make it look like planets.
A list of skills needed...

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