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Factors Respondible for the Failure Ofeducation Sector in Pakistan

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Factors responsible for the failure of Education Sector in Pakistan

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I would like to express my gratitude to all those who helped me during the whole of my project. I gratefully acknowledge the help of my supervisor, Ms Zehra Raza, who has offered me valuable suggestions in the academic studies. In the whole of final project, she has spent much time to help me and provided me with inspiring advice. Without her enduring advice, insightful criticisms and expert supervision, the completion of this project would not have been possible.
In the end, my gratitude also extends to my family and friends who have been assisting, supporting and caring for me all of my life.

The research reported in this thesis was on “Factors responsible for the failure of Education Sector in Pakistan”. The purpose of research was to study the impact of education sector on the society and the main issues which were prevailing in the country now-a-days. The secondary data was collected by consultation of literature in the libraries and Internet. The primary data was gathered by floating questionnaires and conducting interviews from government and private school teachers. SPSS software was applied to analyze data for frequencies regression parameters, pie charts and cross tabulation the results were interpreted by usual principles of statistics. The findings suggested that the improper polices which are currently present…...

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