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Factors That Affect Students Academic Performance

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...FACTORS THAT AFFECT THE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE LEVEL OF I AND III HRM STUDENTS OF LSPU-SPCC BATCH 2015-2016 A Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the College of Hospitality Management and Tourism LAGUNA STATE POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY San Pablo City Campus In Partial Fulfilment Of the Requirement for the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management Patricia Marie M. Vivero CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND This chapter will discuss the introduction and background of the study as well as the theories of other people regarding the main topic of this research, the research problem, its hypotheses, significance, scope and limitation of the study, and the definition of important terms that will be seen on this chapter. Introduction The factors that affect the academic performance level of I and III of HRM students of LSPU-SPCC Batch 2015-2016. Is to conduct a study and find out on what is the effect of academic performance of HRM students. The extent of student’s learning academically may be determined by the grades that a student earns for a period of learning has been done. A topic like this has relevance from an educational perspective that views behavior as a significant factor to obtaining optimal education. Learning is defined as a knowledge or skill acquired through study or by being taught....

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...Student Performance Galiher (2006) and Darling (2005), used GPA to measure student performance because they main focus in on the student performance for the particular semester. B. Learning Facilities Karemera (2003) found that students' performance is significantly correlated with satisfaction with academic environment and the facilities of library, computer lab and etc. in the institution. With regard to background variables, he found a positive effect of high school performance and school achievement he found no statistical evidence of significant association between family income level and academic performance of the student. Robert & Sampson (2011), found that the member of educational board will be educated and their impact on school is positive, for professional development it is essential for student learning. The students who are actively engage in the learning process are observed to have a positive correlation with the CGP. A Study effort from student and the proper use of the facilities provided by the institution to the student, a good match between students’ learning style and are positively affect the student's performance (Norhidayah Ali, et. al., 2009) Neil Flemming (2001-2011) described these four major learning preferences as follows: * Visual learners: students who prefer information to be presented on the whiteboard, flip charts, walls, graphics, pictures, color....

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...EFFECTS ON ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE OF STUDENTS WITH OFW PARENTS Survey Questionnaire for Respondents with or without OFW Parents. I. Socio-demographic characteristics of respondents. Direction: Evaluate the following items below. Indicate your answer by putting a check on the space that corresponds to your answer or choice or fill in the necessary information. 1. Name (optional):_____________________________2. Age: _____3. Sex: _____ 4. Ambition/aspiration in life: ___________________________ Going abroad someday: ___Yes ___No 5. Number of brother/s: ________ and sister/s:______ 6. Birth order: eldest child____ 2nd____ 3rd____ 4th____ youngest____ only child____ others:____ 7. Daily allowance P150.00____ P200.00____ P300.00____ P500.00____ Others:______ 8. Age of parents/guardians Mother: ______ Father:______ Guardian:_______ 9. Highest educational attainment of parents/guardian: Mother Father Guardian High School graduate ______ ______ ______ Did not complete college ______ ______ ______ College graduate ______ ______ ______ Post graduate ______ ______ ______ 10. Parent/s abroad Mother: ____ Work/Occupation:_________________ Father:_____ Work/Occupation:_________________ None:______ (If none, please proceed to part II: Parenting involvement) 11....

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.... | | | | By Melanie Stetson Freeman, courtesy The Christian Science Monitor | | From a sample of 175,000 15-year-old students in 31 countries, researchers at the University of Munich announced in November that performance in math and reading had suffered significantly among students who have more than one computer at home. And while students seemed to benefit from limited use of computers at school, those who used them several times per week at school saw their academic performance decline significantly as well. "It seems if you overuse computers and trade them for other [types of] teaching, it actually harms the student," says lead researcher Ludger Woessmann in a telephone interview from Munich. "At least we should be cautious in stating that increasing [access to] computers in the home and school will improve students' math and reading performance." With the rise of computers in classrooms has come a glut of conflicting conclusions about the actual value computers bring to timeless tasks of teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. For some in education, these results indicate how thoroughly this field of research has come to resemble that of the conventional wisdom about weight loss, which seems to shift with the tide. Yet others see hopeful signs of a maturing debate, where blind faith in the educational benefits of technology is giving way to greater appreciation...

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...HOW DOES THE ALLOWANCE OF THE STUDENT AFFECT HIS/HER ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE A RESEARCH PAPER Presented to DR. THERESITA POBLETE Department of Community Development College of Public Affairs Mindanao State University In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Course CD 160 (Techniques and Methods of Social Investigation) Second Semester, 2013- 2014 By COSARY B. PANGILAMUN March 2014 I. INTRODUCTION A. BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE The students’ intellectual capacity and improvement varies from their Academic Performance is said to be one of the crucial areas of the learner’s life since it serves as an output of what the student learned and a reflection of what kind of students they are. Some learners may not be bothered whether they progress or not, however, in the flip of the other side, their parents are left with great distress if their children do not perform well. But, judgments of the students’ academic performance can’t be measured hundred percent for there are multiple factors that arise when it comes to studies. These facets need or should be considered for a better understanding of the students’ performances in school. Researchers have found out that determinant “of learners’ performance has been the subject of ongoing debate among educators, academic and policy makers. Various factors affect students in many ways under different circumstances....

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...Factors That Affect English Academic Performance of Grade 9 Students of Rosario National High School S.Y. 2015-2016 August 2015 Chapter 1: Introduction Academic performance is the outcome of student educational goals. It is hard to indicate or measure academic performance of such an individual. Specially, there are socio-economic, psychological and environmental factors. For the last three years, the Philippine government started to fallow K-12 standards. The research focuses only on two groups of students who are divided into two; the one who improve and the one who does not. According to Hansen, Joe (2000) student performance must not depend on socio-economic, psychological, environmental factors because of the new paradigm that considering oder factors, like race, gender, and sex. Mcdill (1989) tried to explain the link between students achievement between economic circumstances as a reason of becoming a out of school youth or drop-out. Effects of age, qualification, qualification distance from learning place was pursued by B>A Chemsaken and A. Mishaelaudis (2001). YB Walters (1998) stated that: “high school student’s level of performance is with statistically significant different, linked to their gender, grade level, school location, school type, student type and socio-economic backgrounds. Students capability about patience was Kirby, Winston et. al (2002). Zajimes (1976) added that students stand outs if he gets along with his strata....

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...------------------------------------------------- Lord Reigns Christian Academy “Academic Factors affecting the RLE Performance of selected 4th Year Nursing Students of University of La Sallete” Submitted by: Jerry Lemuel C. Lawagan Submitted To Jonaed C. Ambulan Second Year Ephesians English Teacher Submitted On: March 6, 2013 Introduction This study examined and identified the academic factor that affects the RLE performance of the nursing students for school year 2012-2013. It also explored and correlated those variables to the academic factors that affect it. A questionnaire on what type of academic factors and how it affects their performance during hospital duty hours were given to the 50, 4rth nursing students as the respondents. Additionally, a photocopied grade given by their clinical instructors and coordinators were also collected to serve as our data. The result showed that there’s a significant relationship between the academic factor and the RLE performance of the students. There was also a significant difference between the performance of the students during their Lecture class hours and during their hospital duty hours. The increasing demand of nurses all over the world greatly affects the decisions of the people. Though the news about the nurse’s jobs is getting scarce, they still take the nursing course....

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...As a researcher, the main purpose of the study is to know the factors that affect the academic performance of working students. In addition, this paper aims to provide encouragement and motivation to all students especially those who are financially distressed to pursue and finish a college degree in order to be competitive in the future and be able to realize their...

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