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Factors That Affects the School Performance of Students

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Factors That Affect the Academic Performance of Students Who's Parents Are Abroad


Review of Related Literature and Studies

The researchers are conducting a study on the academic performances of students whose parents are working abroad. But to conduct this study the researchers researched on the definitions of these terms.

Academic Performance and its Definitions:

Education is one of the fundamental needs that every person from this humanity must acquire and register into. As stated and defined in the Grolier Encyclopedia of Knowledge (2000), societies have sought to educate their people to produce goods and services, to respond effectively and creatively to their world, and to satisfy their curiosity and aesthetic impulses. To achieve any of these objectives people need to acquire reliable knowledge and to think systematically. Likewise, Education is one of people’s only sources of survival and all human beings are allowed and encourage obtaining such.
According to the Oxford Dictionary, academic performances are the performances of students within an academic year concerning with their studies particularly in English, Math and Science the major subjects in schools and universities. Academic performance is also about coming out on top in argument, the contours of which (intellectual ,effective ,performance) are shaped by institutions in which we work and in which we have worked since we were young children. And this returns us to the classroom, which, as it turns out, is the most important setting in which we worked for, without early and continued success there, a child would indeed be left behind.
On the other hand, “In educational institutions, success is measured by academic performance or how well a student meets standards by local government and the intuition itself.” To evaluate the performance of students, teachers set out...

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