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Factors That Influence High School Student’s Learning and Development

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“Adolescence is the conjugator of childhood and adulthood” according to Louise J. Kaplan. Adolescence is a period of transition in terms of physical, cognitive and socio-emotional changes. The aspect of individuality in adolescent development is very unique to each individual, but there are some issues which they may have a similarities. There is some changes on how they will interact to the other people which it can affect to their learning and development.

There are some factors that influence the learning and development of the high school learners. Family, school, peers, technology or media, and internal factor are some of these.

The relationship between the family members is a major factor that influences adolescent’s learning and development. If an adolescent belongs to a family which they usually have conflicts and has poor communication skills, it will have a negative effect on his behavior. He may not be able to focus on his studies; it is hard for him to acquire knowledge when he is depressed because of family problems. Therefore it is very important to have a good relationship between the family members and has an effective parenting which parents nurture, encourage and support (clear and consistent discipline) their children to prevent these negative effects.

One of the factors that influence high school students is peers or a group of people having the same age. Peers are said to be the source of satisfaction, reward and identity development. According to the stage five of Erikson’s Psycho-Social Theory that the task during adolescence is to achieve ego identity and avoid role confusion. Peers help the adolescents to find who they are and how they will fit to the rest of the society. This is the stage where adolescents test their social skills to develop and achieve...

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