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Sex is everywhere in our society. It is on TV, magazines, radio, billboards, and basically anywhere you look today. People cannot get away from sex in advertising because so many companies use it. Sex appeals are used in advertising all the time, and people love to look at it because 'Sometimes people listen better with their eyes' (Steel 137). Sex in advertising is an effective technique that is used today. It helps companies successfully sell their product in our market. Of course it has to be directed at the right audience, and sold at the right places in order for it to work.

Sex in advertising has been around for many years now. Ever since the Maidenform fantasy over twenty years ago. Here is a great example of sex in advertising. It showed women in their Maidenform bras and had different schemes to each one. Maidenform were showing that if they wore this bra and look sexy they could be successful in their jobs and get out of the house. Basically these ads made women feel sexy, and more confident about their bodies. Quit being just a housewife, which many of them were back then. It was now ?The Maidenform Women. You never know where she?ll turn up? (Moog 109). The Maidenform bra ads symbolized the exciting but frustrating longings of the past (Moog 109). Of course this brought some controversy, but when you are dealing with sex appeal in your ads it?s kind of an automatic. That was then, what about now?

There are many companies that use sex appeal in their ads today. For instance Victoria Secrets is one of the top sellers in lingerie. They show skin in every one of their ads. All of their models put on the sex appeal for all commercials and magazines. That is what helps them sell. Women look at those ads and see those girls floating on clouds like angels and feel they could feel the same if they wore that purple bra or red underwear. By showing these...

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