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Avis Europe ERP

Avis Europe plc. Is a United Kingdom-based company which holds the license to operate the two main vehicle rental brands of Avis Budget Group (Avis Rent a Car System and Budget Rent a Car) in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The group's Avis-branded operations comprise over 2,900 offices in 109 countries across EMEA and Asia. Of these, franchisees operate by license in 96 nations, while Avis Europe has directly owned and operated subsidiaries in the remaining thirteen (mostly in Western Europe).
The group has Budget-branded operations at over 900 sites in 66 countries across Europe, the middle East, Africa and Asia.
Avis Europe needed to improve their business process efficiencies and also incorporate their Hungary (Budapest) business in to their integrated database system. They contracted and acquired licence from PeopleSoft Inc. to develop a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system at the cost $17.7 million in 2002. The new system will improve operating margins through integrating computer systems and also create a shared service centre for centralizing back-office work in Budapest, Hungary and across Avis European branches. There was a huge financial set back for Avis in the first quarter of 2003, due to constant delay to roll out the ERP system. In 2004 Avis Europe Ltd.’s terminated the development of the ERP system on the grounds it had encountered substantial delays and consequently higher cost due to a number of fundamental problems with its design and implementation at a cost of $54.5 million. These several delays where from PeopleSoft and Atos Origin contracted to carry out design and implementation phases respectively.

The implementation phase was the major phase of the project deliverables, the failure of integration, coding, testing for errors, bugs and interoperability with the outgoing software was a huge…...

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