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Failure In My Life

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I have failed many times, at many things, at many different points of time in my life. The lesson that I have learnt from these failures has been just one.......TRY AGAIN & TRY HARDER. Not to put it in a clichéd manner but the above mentioned lesson has pushed me closer to my goals and has made me deliver the results when it was necessary for me to do so. For instance my application for TEDx license was rejected TWICE by TED yet I applied again for the 3rd time and got the license and got the event hosted when it was supposed to be hosted. But the biggest challenge in my life came when in a football game I tore the ligaments of my right leg. The doctors could not identify the problem and with time it got aggravated to an extent when finally …show more content…
Because of this my team was declared runners-up for an inter college techno-management event requiring. It required us to come up with a plausible business plan, based in outer space for which we were invited to attend the INTERNATIONAL SPACE AND SATELLITE CONFEFRENCE organized by NASA IN ABU DHABI in 2011. A completely novel way to regulate traffic on road (as proposed by late Dutch traffic engineer, Hans Monderman) was put forward by my colleague and me with some of our own unique inputs in a paper presented for an intra collegiate techno-management competition and we did quite a good job in convincing the judges and other participants, about the usefulness and practicality of the idea, for which we were awarded the 3rd place. Many other such ideas have also followed suit.
What I have come to learn is, that, most of the times small changes in the working of the system, can go the distance in creating a huge impact.
To participate in the world’s largest business plan competition in 2012 and reach the regional finals definitely went a long way in shaping my mind to think differently, and gave me the impetus to participate once again with a stronger desire to excel and succeed further in its 2013

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