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As Confucius once said “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” Some of history’s most influential people knew exactly what it was like to fail numerous times before they became successful. Walt Disney, one of the most creative and imaginative people was fired by a newspaper company because he was said to have “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Abraham Lincoln one of the most influential leaders of the United States, had multiple failed business attempts, and while in the armed forces went to war as a captain and was degraded to a private when he returned.(Michalko, 6,8) Success takes hard work, dedication, long hours, pain, and a lot of disappointment. If some of the most influential people in American history have failed then why are others so afraid of it?
When I asked a group of people about what they feared most when they tried something new most of them replied “failing.” When asked why, they didn’t really know. They just didn’t like the idea of not being successful. Successful people like to achieve high standards; they become so afraid of failure that it turns into a handicap. We let the fear hold us back from our true potential. This fear causes some people to not try something altogether because they are so afraid of the feeling associated with not accomplishing something. Today, we live in a society where failing or messing up is viewed as unacceptable, people want to do something right the first time no matter what it is, but that isn’t something that is attainable one hundred percent of the time. Just as Confucius said in the quote above “… without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” If you are not prepared then you are more likely to fail than if you were prepared. Some things though we cannot always prepare for. Thomas Edison had over a thousand failed...

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