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Faith Ringgold is a prominent African American, mixed media artist from Harlem, New York known for her painting, quilting, and activism. Ringgold’s artistic journey is intertwined deeply with her experiences as a black woman in America. Some of Ringgold’s most influential pieces are her narrative quilts. The designs, colors, and fabric are all woven together to represent the personal and historical stories from the African American perspective. Through her quilts, Ringgold brings attention to overlooked histories and celebrates the resilience of her community. Her artwork explores themes like race and gender, which challenge societal norms and advocates for equality.

Born in Harlem, New York in 1930, Faith Ringgold was brought up in a community that embraced creativity. The Harlem Renaissance exposed her to many African-American artists, such as Duke Ellington and Langston Hughes. Additionally, art was very intertwined with her own family, particularly fiber arts. Her mother was a fashion designer who taught Faith how to sew and create patterns with fabric at a young age (Seiferle). Ringgold’s great-great-great-grandmother made quilts as …show more content…
Her work often shows the lack of representation of the African American experience in mainstream art (Caldwell). Her vibrant and powerful storytelling in her quilting and painting brings greater visibility to perspectives, narratives, and histories that otherwise would not be heard. Furthermore, her frequent themes of family, community, and tradition highlight the richness of diversity of a marginalized group of people. Ringgold herself experienced much displacement in the art world, as she explored the idea “is there a natural setting for female African American artists?” Both her art and her experience as an artist have shed light on the difficult truths of the African American

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